Friday, March 20, 2015

French Armoured Cars I

The French cavalry experimented extensively during the 1920s with armored cars and ultimately half-tracks. These half-tracks sometimes formed combat teams with armored cars, towed artillery, motorcycles, and light tanks carried on trucks until contact was made. In fact, the French half-tracks may well have been the models for later German and American infantry carriers. Having once led the world in half-track production, the French virtually ended development of the half-track in 1933. Half-tracks were most suitable for rapid operational maneuver and motorized units, however, which at the time were not emphasized in French doctrine. Thus, deployment of half-tracks was dropped for lack of interest.

French Vehicles of WWII

French Armored Cars: 1902-1945 By Raymond Surle'mont

Armoured car and half-track AFV deliveries were:
Model before 1 September 1939 1939 1940 total
AMD White TBC 86 86
AMD Laffly 50 98 98
AMD Laffly 80 28 28
AMD Laffly S15 TOE 45 45
AMD Berliet VUDB 32 32
AMD Panhard 165/175 30 30
AMD Panhard 178 219 69 243 533
AMC Schneider P 16 96 96
Total 634 69 243 946

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