Friday, March 20, 2015


Ram Badger: Canadian Ram cruiser tank adapted with flamethrower.

The Ram tank arose from a Canadian Armoured Corps request, and the prototype was rolled-out by the Montreal Locomotion Works in June 1941. This Canadian built vehicle wed the chassis of the US M3 Grant tank with a modified cast steel hull top that accommodated a locally designed turret capable of a 360° traverse. From late 1941 until July 1943, 50 Ram I and 1,899 Ram II were manufactured. The Ram II featured a simplified hull design by removing some hatches, an improved suspension system, a more reliable clutch, and greater firepower, thanks to a 6-pounder gun. The ammo load comprised 92 6-pounder shells and 4,000 rounds for the three .30 caliber machine-guns. A flame-thrower variant of the late production Ram II, dubbed "Badger," was equipped with a Ronson flame-thrower originally used by the Wasp vehicles. This weapon replaced the hull mounted machine-gun and was fed by four tanks housed within the vehicle. The turret opening was sealed with a slab of armour plating fitted with a small-sized MG turret.

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  1. That turret looks so small when compared to the hull!